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Quality Control

Given the critical nature of expedite freight you might think that all carriers are the equal. However, some carriers offer greater levels of service than others based on area of the country, time of year, etc. HeLP Logistics uses a rigorous research process to identify premier carriers and ensure their compliance with DOT standards year after year. Safety is always the number one priority at HeLP Logistics and our partner carriers. If a carrier allows their safety rating to drop they are either temporarily or permanently disqualified. In addition to overall safety, HeLP Logistics tracks all of its carriers in four basic areas, On Time Performance, Paperwork Accuracy, Communication Methods (Satelite, phone etc) and Rates. Like many other businesses, carriers in the business of transporting critical freight have periods of time when they loose sight of their own internal quality controls. HeLP Logistics can notice these trends for our customers, avoid carriers that are struggling and significantly reduce the risks of equipment failure or other delays related to performance. In addition to monitoring our carriers quality control indicators, HeLP Logistics can store key reason codes when a shipment is booked and then provide monthly reporting based on these reason codes. This allows customers to track the cause of their expedite shipments and with HeLP Logistics’ support potentially eliminate the need for unnecessary premium freight expenditures.


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