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HeLP Logistics intentionally targets industries that realize the benefits of time definite deliveries. Many industries have found the logistics solutions provided to its customers to be as critical to their brand as the product itself. HeLP Logistics has been asked to solve all types of shipping problems so that our customers can say YES to their customers!

The automotive industry was one of the first manufacturing sectors to demand on time deliveries. HeLP Logistics handles 100 percent of the ground expedite shipments delivered for Keihin North America, a tier 1 Honda Supplier. HeLP Logistics receives load tenders from all plant locations throughout the United States, each with multiple authorized contacts. HeLP Logistics then provides a “cost plus” quote back to Keihin and once approved, dispatches the necessary equipment. In addition to booking and tracking the shipments, HeLP Logistics provides routine KPI reporting to corporate headquarters on the details (costs, reasons, contact etc) of each shipment.

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