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Load Tendering & Tracking

Load Tendering & Tracking Customers can choose from several methods for quoting or booking its shipments. The fastest method is to submit the load tender directly through our online portal. Customers entering new shipments to quote on or to cover are actually inserting the load data directly into our dispatch software. This means no waiting for our staff to retype the information and also reduces the risk of typing errors. For our high volume clients we can also set up an EDI transfer directly out of our customers system and into ours. Of course more traditional methods are always available as well, Phone 866.504.9620, Fax 866.504.9621 or email


Performance Updates

Every load booked through HeLP Logistics has numerous customizable features regarding the performance tracking of each shipment. Many of these are set by the customer and left the same for each load but still others are changed based on the needs of each shipment or the contacts involved with the shipment. Features like auto email alerts can be sent to a single contact or a distribution list as every critical event happens. Still additional customer service communications can happen via email, phone or text regarding unusual circumstances or delays. Default settings for position updates every 4 hours can be increased or decreased as the customer prefers, even while the freight is in route. This allows customers to increase awareness of their hot shipments and decrease communication traffic on those shipments that are not as critical. All information in our dispatch system is completely web based so at anytime a customer can also login to the portal and see any shipments currently underway as well as past shipments already delivered.


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