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Ground Expedite

Often times a shipment requires a time definite delivery. The ground expedite freight market is designed to handle these types of shipments. This segment of the transportation industry serves many vertical markets but owes its beginnings to the auto industry. This premium transportation niche has grown beyond the “Just in Time” needs of the auto industry to serve any customer that needs their product carried in an exclusive use vehicle and delivered directly anywhere North America. Generally a ground expedite vehicle can arrive at a pick up point anywhere within 90 minutes or less and deliver directly to the customers door.


Single Point of Contact

HeLP Logistics provides its customers with a single point of contact to reach every carrier that services the ground expedite freight market. With decades of experience, the HeLP Logistics staff is fully trained to quote, book and monitor your MOST critical shipments anywhere in the country, any time of day or night. No need to keep track of multiple contacts from multiple carriers, ensuring DOT compliance before each shipment and trying to remember all the ways to track a shipment day and night. HeLP Logistics can serve as an easy portal to this premium freight market.

Reduce Costs

All customers want to save money and many have improved internal procedures and reduced the number of expedite shipments happening each month. This is a key step to reducing transportation costs. This reduced volume also reduces the discounts provided by the few major ground expedite carriers that serve all 48 states. All HeLP Logistics customers, no matter their volume, receive tremendous discounts from these and other carriers by pooling our customers buying power and by actively negotiating for spot discounts whenever possible. Using our “Cost Plus” pricing model these savings are passed through to the customer at the time the load is booked. Customers are quoted an “all in” rate that includes discounted rates from the customer “Cost” as well as the HeLP Logistics Service Fee “Plus”. This service fee is usually a percentage mark up and is the only income HeLP derives from the transaction.

Learn more about the Quality Control measures HeLP takes when managing your loads. Also take advantage of our powerful Load Tendering & Tracking tools to manage your loads.

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