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HeLP Logistics intentionally targets industries that realize the benefits of time definite deliveries. Many industries have found the logistics solutions provided to its customers to be as critical to their brand as the product itself. HeLP Logistics has been asked to solve all types of shipping problems so that our customers can say YES to their customers!

HeLP Logistics enjoys the challenges that come with cost effectively delivering our customers products and displays to convention centers all over the world. By utilizing different modes of transportation (LTL, Air, Ground expedite) for the line haul portion of the trip and then utilizing experienced professionals for the “final mile” and set up, HeLP Logistics can ensure on time delivery, professional unpacking and repacking at a fraction of the cost. HeLP Logistics was proud to handle the transportation of Bright Automotives (link to testimonial) hybrid vehicle to the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition in Stavenger, Norway. This show served as the “international unveiling” of Bright Automotives’ 100 mpg fleet vehicle the “IDEA” and required 4 separate modes of transportation to safely deliver to the show ready for display. Not all customers are shipping a million dollar prototype thousands of miles across the world but HeLP Logistics understands that every customer needs their display handled carefully and set up on time.

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