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Customized Logistic Solutions for You our Partner in Expedite and Specialized Transportation

What has changed is the critical, time-sensitive pace of today’s business world. To compete, companies must act with speed and precision. They need immediate response and assurance of meeting their urgent transportation schedules. HeLP Logistics can provide the solution to these type shipments with just ONE call.

A HeLPful welcome awaits you from a women-owned expedite solution company – committed to HeLPing all of our customers develop creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the movement of their goods and materials. In today’s competitive business environment, the need for proficient logisitics management is even more critical for our customer's survival.

  • Provide safe and efficient movement of freight from point of origin to its destination
  • Provide your company with a critical competitive edge
  • Tailor personal service specific to your unique need and demands
  • Provide a load Tracking System that gives instantaneous updates on shipments in transit, as well as obtaining updated delivery information in real time
  • Transport your product with specialized equipment available 24/7/365
  • Provide a wide range of services including: Ground Expedite, Air Charter, Truckload, and Specialized equipment (Flatbed, Temperature Control etc.) to all points in the U.S. – Canada & Mexico
  • Summarize and provide KPI reports based on your required information

We realize our most valuable asset is your goodwill and we will strive to keep your trust and never take your business for granted. We look forward to earning your respect within our industry. We will achieve this through honestly, integrity, creative solutions, personable service and hard work. Together we will show you the spirit that drives HeLP will drive you to your success!

What Our Staff Brings

Our HeLPful, experienced, dedicated team with 70+ combined years of experience in the transportation and logistics arena share your vision for success by:

  • Providing competitive rates with One call
  • Developing a pricing strategy enabling your Company to improve its margin of profitability by reducing unnecessary expedites in the future
  • Qualifying exceptional carriers with acceptable insurance limits, authorities and permits, required satisfactory DOT rating and appropriate communication systems
  • Providing solutions and informational resources without management fees
  • Developing a professional relationship with a personal touch

Please contact us today to learn how we can HeLP your business today!

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